All Chinese smartphone companies’ hand in hand to try out the new operating system?


All Chinese smartphone companies’ hand in hand to try out the new operating system?


With the banning of Huawei from USA, the company boosted the program of developing their own OS. This operating system which is said to be named as HongMeng OS, is now under trial. They have reportedly shipped a million smartphones for testing purposes.

There have been reports about other companies helping in the process too.


Huawei denies the reports made:

A news from Global Times mentioned that the companies Xiaomi and OPPO were taking part in the testing. But the validity of this news was not assured and it was considered to be just a rumour. However, recently they made a statement regarding this situation. They have mentioned that it is not true and that any such news will be given out through official media which literally winds up the report in Global Times as false.


New system to be launched soon:

Also, though the news mentioned that the release date is kept a secret it is not entirely true. The company has not mentioned an exact day to the releasing of their operating system. They are currently busy with testing processes and publicising the trademark. The executive of Huawei has mentioned that they are planning to release it by August or in September the latest.

They have neglected the consideration time period the US has granted them which probably means that no matter what the final decision of the US would be they are making their journey ahead. And that they will not be waiting for a positive response from Google.

The news regarding the shipping of one million smartphones for testing the operating system is however true.

Hence it is clear that the company is on the next game-changing development in the century. For now; they are on their own OS. There is a very high possibility that all the Chinese smartphone companies would get together in the task. If this was to happen, Google will have to face a massive risk. Even without the other two, they alone stand in the second-best smartphone sellers in the world.

It means that the new Huawei OS would, however, bring out a new risk to Google. The new OS is said to be supporting all the existing apps that are popular among the people. And the app gallery of the company is also said to be developed with more outgoing features. There might be the opportunity to HongMeng OS download to the existing users.


Nothing can bring them down:

With such an exciting system the competition in the smartphone market is going to be so high. This leading giant in the international market is expected to make a revolution sooner than later. It is as if the ban opened a new door of success to the company. Though the path is filled with obstacles they are not going to give up. And it definitely is going to be a hard slap on the face of America.

However, the company is making a statement on their own. the dependency that the world had on Google was too high. And it was time that someone took motive to break the chain.

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