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Cyberdroid Apk

Cyberdroid Apk; the app which should be in your Smart Phone

Cyberdroid apk is a used to create or spoof a fake or a virtual location.Mostly it is used for hacking the location. The Cyberdroid App is developed by the App here the users can skit the location of the person from the Pokémon GO game for free of charge. So, the location can be hacked through this. And it uses a joystick as well.

The Cyberdroid Apk is available on the Google Play store as Fake GPS Location Apk. And also it is placed in Navigation and Maps of google play store. Recently the app was updated, and through that update the app became more famous among the android users. It is mostly because of solving the issues regarding the bugs. Even the ratings show a positive increase of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Therefore it is downloaded by many people around the globe.

At the very beginning you might feel that this is difficult to work with. But with the passage of time, as you get used with the user interface, you will probably be confident with the system. At the same time, you will have to download another 2 or 3 apps, which supports the Cyberdroid app. you can also improve your gaming skills by using this app. there will be several updates as well. There, you will have to face some slight changes. You have the ability to have contacts with the developers, if any issue occurs.

Some more information about the Cyberdroid Apk

Name                          Cyberdroid

Size                              7.7 MB

Version                        v6.5

Developer                   App Ninjas

Package name            com.theappninjas.fakegpsjoystick&hl

Price                             free

Operating system      Android 4.0+

Do you know that you can change your location using the joystick of this app? Yes, it is something interesting, because very easily you can change the present location where you also provides you the option to test whether the location based app. The place can be changed through the overlay joystick control.

What more can be done by this Cyberdroid app? Moreover, it can rewrite the current location and change the place to a new country. So, don’t you think this is the best app to check the location, whether it might work properly or not.

The Cyberdroid has become the best app to hack locations for Pokeman Go. Anyhow, you can control the Pokeman trainer with the joystick and can move anywhere in the world, without even leaving the home and office.

At the same time, you have the ability to create custom routes by using the built in map. Automatically the Pokeman trainer will start to walk without any input from you. Then anyone can customize the speed of the walk to protect one’s account from being soft banned.

How does the Cyberdroid app works?

This process is a bit complex, so we will provide you all the details step by step for your own convenience. Follow the steps without missing any of them. Anyhow, before that you have one more task to complete. That is you must download these apps which are called VMOS, Lucky Patcher and the ES explorer. Now follow these steps.

  • Download the Cyberdroid app and install it in your smart phone.
  • After that you must install the VMOS application if your smart phone is not rooted. If not you do not need.
  • Go to the Android device and launch to the settings to active the developer options.
  • Then open the Lucky Patcher app and in there search for the Cyberdroid.
  • Install the ES explorer and click on the root folder and then delete the xbin folder which is in the local folder.
  • Now open the VMOS and you must enable the location and go back to the home screen to open the game.
  • Once again exit the game and go to the VMOS and now launch to the game through the software.
  • Now you are able to enjoy the game.

Features of the Cyberdroid Apk

  • The Cyberdroid app can instantly and easily change the GPS location.
  • With help of the joystick you care able to select the current location.
  • From the joystick you can directly enter the longitude or latitude and the teleport anywhere.
  • The other most important feature is that you are able to change the location according to any point of the joystick.
  • You can also create custom routes.
  • At the same time, you can continue and pause the route directly from the joystick.
  • The reverse mode is also available on the route where you are going.
  • By the way, keep some records of the beautiful places you meet, because at the other time you do not have to search for it. The place will be saved.
  • Information about the distance and cool down time will be displayed.
  • The speed of the Pokeman can be customized.
  • The joystick can be set according to your own requirement.
  • There are 3 customizable speeds for your joystick.
  • This is free tool you can download without any charges. It is totally free for you.
  • It helps one to provide a fake GPS location or fake location.
  • By having all these benefits, you can also improve the gaming of the Pokeman.

When considering about the safety of the Cyberdroid app, it is a third party product which is used for cheating and hacking purposes. Actually, this app is safe for your phone. , millions of people have installed this app and yet no one has complained about the app. the game is a very joyful game.  Although there are some illegal tasks you also can use this for legal purposes as well.

As you know this Cyberdroid is an app which is able to change the location in the game of the Pokeman without leaving the home or office. If you are already playing the Pokeman game, download this app, in here you can change your location for free of charge. You can share this experience with your friends and family too. If you think that this is a good app and you enjoy well, do not forget to share this opportunity with your relatives and friends.

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