Fuchsia review-All bizarre truths you need to know!

Fuchsia review

Fuchsia review-All bizarre truths you need to know!

Fuchsia review.If you are curious to know what an operating system is, it can be known as software. Actually; this kind of software is used to support the fundamental functions of a device. Some of the basic functions are controlling peripherals and scheduling tasks. Google Inclusion already has two operating systems called Android and Chrome OS. Now, Google is working on a third OS and it is called Fuchsia. This is a capability-based OS. You might be wondering why Google has started their work on a new operating system when it already has two really good systems. The reason for this is that Fuchsia is way better than Android and Chrome OS in many ways. First, let us identify what Fuchsia is and what it is for.

What is Fuchsia? How is different from the other operating systems?

This is an operating system which is different from Android and Chrome OS. The difference of this is that this is not based on Linux and instead, this is based on Magenta, which is a new kernel developed by Google. According to the information, Magenta is developed for the latest devices, more specifically the phones and personal computers. And as a result, we will be able to see this appearing on our smartphones.

According to Ars Technica, the appearance also differs from the other operating systems. For example, the screen of this is present as a huge scrolling list. At the centre of the screen a profile picture, the date, the city, and battery icon will be displayed. The list of your recent apps will be displayed at the top. You also have the ability to organize your home screen as you wish. Those were just a few differences of this OS and given below are the uses of this operating system.

The uses of Fuchsia

There must always be a reason to develop a new operating system. It is believed that this is an attempt to unite the Google ecosphere under one operating system. As this is not going to be an easy task, it will be done gradually according to a plan. According to sources, this will start running on smaller devices first and then move on to larger devices later. By doing so, Google will be able to switch into Fuchsia successfully. Now let us find out how it can be better than the currently available Android and Chrome OS.

How is Fuchsia a better Operating System?

It is obvious that Fuchsia is going to be better than the current operating systems owned by Google. It has been a topic for the past few years. Google faces a lot of challenges when dealing with Android. For example, getting updates from all the ecosystem of devices is a difficult task for Google. But this mysterious operating system is being made to solve the biggest let-downs of Android. Let us find out the expected developments of Fuchsia.

With this amazing operating system, Google wants to have one single OS power all sorts of gadgets. By making this possible, it would theoretically result in similar user experience across all the gadgets, instead of using several operating systems scattered across various hardware.

Operating System

Another reason for this to be better than the other operating systems is that it will have a better synchronization between the devices. As an example, if you copy a text on your computer, you will be able to paste it in your mobile device easily. This feature will be very useful for those who are involved in such work in their daily life.

Another problem that we face when using Android is that when we run the Android apps on a tablet or a Chromebook, they can often feel misplaced. This can be really annoying to the user. But Fuchsia will have a very well developed app design on a multitude of screen sizes.

Another very interesting development that you will see in Fuchsia is the powerful voice control. Although you have Google Assistant in your devices now, you will be able to experience a further developed system where you will be able to take complicated actions, without even touching your phone. This will be a really helpful feature in the future as we will be able to perform the tasks quickly and easily, by just talking to the device. Those were just a few of the amazing characteristics of Fuchsia. As it is still in the early stages of development, some of these details are going to change with time. No doubt there is going to be so much more great features in this once it is released.

Will Android be replaced?

Now, you might be wondering what will happen to Android once Fuchsia is released. Anyway, it is mentioned that Fuchsia confirmed to support Android apps. This news concerns the addition of a special version of Android Runtime to Fuchsia, which will allow Fuchsia to run Android apps. It will make this swap a more painless in the future.

Why will Google move to Fuchsia?

This operating system is going to be awesome and will have a number of great features as mentioned before. Many problems faced by Google when dealing with the other operating systems will be solved and the users will also start to feel the difference in a short period of time. As a result, moving to Fuchsia will be advantageous to Google.

Not only that, Android will not be appropriate for the future Google sees for smart devices because it was originally developed for digital cameras. And also the new operating system would have a better security system as well as it would be better at adapting to various different sizes of the screen. Swapping to the new operating system will also allow Google to dump the issues it’s has surrounded the legal use of Java. And those are some of the reasons for Google to move to Fuchsia.

Interested in trying this out?

After getting to know about this incredible operating system which is still under development, you will feel like checking it out as soon as possible. If so, you will be happy to know that you can actually try this out thanks to SlashGear, who created a downloadable Android Package Kit just for you. You can get this preview version on your phone and check it out now.

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