Huawei HongMeng OS and 5G-Nothing to worry about losing support from Android

Huawei HongMeng,The Huawei Company was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhegfei. He is a former people’s liberation army officer. There are about 188,000 employees according to calculations done recently in 2018. Huawei Company produces mobile and fixed broadband networks, multimedia technology, consultancy and managed services, smartphones, tablet, dongles and computers. And they serve their products in worldwide manner.

Recently there occurred diplomatic tension between China and United States. So, American president,Donald Trump has passed an executive order to restrict companies in order the United States from supplying products to Huawei. He announced that in last week.

United States added the Huawei Company to a list of companies that the United States cannot trade with unless they have license. This list is also called as Entity list. That means Huawei cannot purchase equipment from the United States companies. If Huawei needs to purchase they need prior government approval for this.

Nowadays; people who use Huawei products are in trouble due to this problem. But, luckily for Huawei users, the Google Company has announced that they will be able to pressure the Google Play Store for existing Huawei users. That means existing Huawei devices won’t be immediately influenced by this move. Those all problems will appear to future updates.

But, there is a bad news too that Google will no longer give the software updates to existing Huawei users. The Huawei Company already released list of eligible devices for the android 10 Q.

HongMeng OS- Huawei’s Android replacement

The rapidly growing popularity of Huawei was most probably the reason for Google to suspend the Android license of this company. This was done in response to a US government ban and however, wasn’t much of a surprise for Huawei. It is known for a while that this giant company is in the process of making their own Operating System since 2012 and the possible name for the upcoming OS is mentioned as HongMeng OS. Although there are not many details about this mysterious operating system of Huawei, here is a bunch of the information that is revealed so far.

HongMeng OS
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First, let us find out more details about this OS to be released.

More about HongMeng OS-the design of the software

As the HongMeng OS has been in the development for a considerable amount of time, it is expected to arrive soon with a number of incredible features. However, the details that are revealed up-to-date have been pretty slim.

It is likely for the company to come with a mutual approach instead of going with a separate architecture. And this mutual approach is believed to be compatible with most of the current Android software design patterns. The reason for them to select this approach is because they believe that this will help the developers to re-develop the app according to HongMeng.

Although this OS is being developed since 2012, it is still far from ready to launch HongMeng. This is going to be the first ever self-developed operating system of Huawei and the latest information revealed that this OS is based on Linux. We always face challenges when we try to do something new and distinct. It is the same with this OS. Let us find out what are the issues they face in the developing process.

The challenges faced in developing the HongMeng OS

This upcoming OS is planned to be different from the current architecture of Android. Just like in other large scale software distributions, there are challenges and issues that are faced by Huawei in developing this. It is normal to face such problems when working on such a big project.

One such challenge that is faced by this company is establishing its core ecosystem. And also, the system of HongMeng will be incompatible with the current Android-based apps if the company instantly drops into the new system architecture. This will happen if this company leaves Linux of Android and Java frameworks. Those were just a few challenges faced by Huawei while developing HongMeng. Now, let us find out the devices on which this OS can be used.

What are the devices that HongMeng can be used on?

This new computer software would be a comprehensive system. This can result in the system to spread quickly once it is released globally. It will make its way to a number of devices like Huawei’s laptops, in addition to tablets, PC and smartphones. It will be used as a Windows 10 replacement and will have the potential to be used with smart wearable devices, TVs and even cars. This can be seen as one of the great features of this OS that will be released in the near future. The fact that it can be used on a huge range of devices is really important for operating software.

Registering the trademark

The company had applied for the trademark of Huawei HongMeng early on August 24, 2018, according to the China National Intellectual Property Administration website. This trademark registration was done under category 9 and category 42. These two categories focus on electronic devices and software design and development respectively. All of these categories under which it registered confirms that “HongMeng” is the name of the upcoming operating system of Huawei.

On May 14, 2019, the enrolment of the trademark was publicly announced and this registration is authentic from May 14, 2019, to May 13, 2029.

Is HongMeng the commercial name?

It is not. HongMeng is just the codename of this software system. The producers and the developers of this software know that this won’t match for a marketing name. Anyway, it is mentioned that it has been filing trademarks across the world for an “Ark OS” name. But still, it is not certain that Ark OS is the commercial name of this system so far.

However, with all these being under development, the Huawei executive mentioned that he would prefer to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft. Richard Yu also stated that such a software program could be used as an alternative only if Huawei was prevented from using Android or Windows restrictions.

When can you experience this amazing operating system?

As there were rumors that this was going to be released this June, the Chinese OEM corrected the misconception. The executives of this company say that the company has been ready to release its new software program since January 2018. However, the releasing was held off because it wanted to maintain the relationships with Google as well as the other US-based partners.

According to Yu Chengdong AKA Richard, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, this software program of Huawei will be available soon as the ties with Google and US-based partners have been cut. He said that this could be ready by the fourth quarter of this year. It is also mentioned that the version for the global market will be available in the first or second quarter of 2020.

He further stated that HongMeng OS will be fully suited with Android and Web applications, removing the doubts among the Huawei users. It is very clear that Huawei needs a recoup fast and that is exactly what they are doing. So, let us look forward to noticing how Huawei’s own OS turns out in comparison to Android.

HonegMeng OS
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Wrapping Up…

We are pretty sure that this OS is not going to be a dream as this is a kind of critical moment for Huawei mobile users worldwide. If you are looking for more and more updates regarding HonegMeng OS, of course, you can keep in touch with our upcoming posts.

Stay tuned!