Huawei HongMeng new OS and 5G-Nothing to worry about losing support from Android

Huawei HongMeng OS and 5G-Nothing to worry about losing support from Android

GooglePlay Store and YouTubeat all!

Huawei HongMeng,The Huawei Company was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhegfei. He is a former people’s liberation army officer. There are about 188,000 employees according to calculations done recently in 2018. Huawei Company produces mobile and fixed broadband networks, multimedia technology, consultancy and managed services, smartphones, tablet, dongles and computers. And they serve their products in worldwide manner.

Recently there occurred diplomatic tension between China and United States. So, American president,Donald Trump has passed an executive order to restrict companies in order the United States from supplying products to Huawei. He announced that in last week.

United States added the Huawei Company to a list of companies that the United States cannot trade with unless they have license. This list is also called as Entity list. That means Huawei cannot purchase equipment from the United States companies. If Huawei needs to purchase they need prior government approval for this.

Nowadays; people who use Huawei products are in trouble due to this problem. But, luckily for Huawei users, the Google Company has announced that they will be able to pressure the Google Play Store for existing Huawei users. That means existing Huawei devices won’t be immediately influenced by this move. Those all problems will appear to future updates.

But, there is a bad news too that Google will no longer give the software updates to existing Huawei users. The Huawei Company already released list of eligible devices for the android 10 Q.

You are pretty safe with upcoming Huawei new OS! HongMeng

Huawei has developed its own operating system. Although this is an activated system since 2012, they named this operating system as ‘’HongMeng’’ according to the information’s gathered from the sources the company was using this operated system in its mobile phones behind the curtain secretly since 2012. And also Huawei previously suggested that it has an OS in the works that could succeed android on its device.

Global time news tweeted in 20th may 2019 as ‘’Huawei’s own-developed smart phone Operating System, reportedly named “HongMeng OS”, is being trialed out and will gradually replace the Android system, according to three Chinese media reports.”

According to the source from china who told Huawei central they also being said that this OS will be used as universal operating system for cross platforms including notebooks and phones.

Anyway still Huawei has not commented anything about this launch or name of the new operating system. And not yet still confirmed this name ‘’HongMeng’’ will be official name of Huawei OS. HongMeng will be either official name or codename using for development purpose.

Even if Huawei HongMeng is ready to launch, Huawei faces another big challenge for the company is to build an app ecosystem. Unlikely Huawei would release hundreds of thousands of apps related with HongMeng.

Huawei is gonna offer 5G Technology with their new OS!

What is the 5G technology in today? When we pay attention to this topic we can see that no matter for a country of a company. Everyone is competing to develop 5G capacities internally. Since 2018, many smartphone companies started competing to launch a 5G smartphone. Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Lenovo, One Plus, Xiaomi are a few of them.

Among all those smartphone companies, Huawei is the smartphone company which entered this 5G era pretty early. Actually; this attaches great importance to 5G development. Do not forget that the company started to develop its own 5G technology early in 2009. Also, the company set up a 5G product line for 5G products.

Moreover; the Company invested a huge investment in this 5G product development. Mr. Ren Zhengfei who is the leader of Huawei has a clear strategic positioning for Huawei 5G. He mentioned that ‘’Huawei 5G is born to battle’’

Huawei’s 5G technology has being improving its competitiveness in 4G for s decade.

Huawei has made remarkable achievements from standardization to global test and from commercial trial to commercial application. Huawei has the world’s first ASIC chip based small CPE and IPTV@5G which was demonstrated in South Korea. In today Huawei is currently the only company in the world that can offer 5G end-to-end products and solutions. Huawei also have strong ability in 5G business. It has also more than 186 industrial partners in Europe.

Not only that but alsothe smartphones which come under this trade name has powerful strength in 5G device because Huawei is the only global telecom involved in chip communication standardization mobile phones and other fields.

According to above view we can see that Huawei has a full set of technology and it is still making continuing it. So Huawei will never going to be fall down. It will be continuing by bringing huge changes to people’s lives and to all industries.

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