Huawei standing uptight ships a million phones with their own OS


Huawei standing uptight ships a million phones with their own OS

Huawei is not facing problems but is working in great. The company will be the biggest smartphone provider worldwide.’ These were the words of a senior executive regarding the crisis that the company is currently facing.

With the banning of trade deals among Google and Huawei many were expecting to see a major breakdown in the business. But they have been able to maintain its best performance. They have been able to create their own operating system named HongMeng to perform in their phones. It is said that they have been working on the concept for quite a while, but the restrictions boosted the requirement.

Though the USA government delayed the banning of google in their phones the company seems to not wait for any other results. They have already shipped a million of smartphones featured with HongMeng operating system. It is not mentioned whether they have been released for testing purposes or whether they are market available.

The CEO of the consumer business group has stated that their own operating system will be available within the months of August and September.

Latest updates about HongMeng OS

Their operating system is said to be supporting all the existing and upcoming android apps. It is also said to be equipped with major security features to increase the security of personal data of the users. The company’s plans to be the greatest smartphone provider will take a little time. But nevertheless, they are the second in the game. However, they have planned to outrun Samsung in the year 2020, which is a year late due to the unexpected circumstances.

USAs banning has had zero effects on the sales or their investments. They are continuously getting investments and the customers have not seemed to lessen even a bit. The major breakthrough in the HiSilicon has been a greater success.

Their HongMeng trademark is already acquiring international markets. They have applied for registrations in the European countries, Canada, South Korea, Mexico and Australia. Though the name seems a little strange, it translated into Red Dream or a name like Vast Mist. Some translations give the word Singularity. The company has not yet publicized their marketing name, but it would probably be Vast OS, Mist OS or even Red Dream OS.

However, it could be expected to be the next game changer in the smartphone industry.


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