iMessage Apk Latest Version For IOS & Android

iMessage Apk

iMessage Apk Latest Version For IOS & Android

iMessage Apk, There is a cool feature in iPhones. Do you know what it is? In iPhones, you are offered with free calls and messages without any extra charge. But today this is not much in use because there are a number of apps both the iOS and Android users. As there are some cool stuff from the apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Anyhow the Apple’s messaging service is favored by many of the users.

iMessagers are commonly used in iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You only have to get familiar to this. The user interface becomes convenient once you get used to this. Moreover, these imessages are compatible with iPhone 6s,iPhone 7, iPhone 8,iPhone X,iPhone XR,iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11.

Additional information about iMessage Apk

Version                     1.2.9

Genres                       Communication

Requires                    5.0 and up

Developer                  Daniel Zweigart

MOD features            No

Size                           18.7 MB

Last updated              2019/12/05

What more features does the iMessage Apk consist of?

In here, the users only have to provide their own ID account and then it will automatically connect to the other iOS servers. You can download the iMessenger from Apkdone,com, there it is very secure and safe. A number of options will be displayed for your personal customization and anyhow the installation is very simple. The users only have to use the Apple ID to log in and you will be connected with your friends.

Although this is very simple to use, there are some rumors going on like this; that this app contains malware and sends your personal information to other sources. But it is not true, the apple ID does not consist of any financial information, therefore you do not have to worry about that much.

Any fantastic features available in iMessage Apk

Yes, why not there are many features available in this imessenger. Let’s get to know about them one by one.

  • Free messages can be sent for everybody.
  • Free emoji, texting, sticker, MMS and SMS etc.
  • Messages can be sent quickly. And also you can slide to reply to the messages.
  • The messages are notified on your lock screen, so as soon as you see the message you can reply.
  • Many stickers and emoji’s are available for you.
  • Themes such as pink theme, Christmas theme, and dark theme are available.

There are some more cool features as well. Well, what do you think they might be? At first you might get a bit complex using this, but with the passage of time you will get used to it. So, you are able to send imessages with amazing screen effects, by matching the content of the messages. Don’t a feel a simple ‘’Wow’’. There are number of full-screen imessage screen effects which includes confetti, balloons, fireworks, lasers and shooting stars. In iMessages there are several words which trigger out the specific effects automatically. For example if you type Happy Birthday, balloons will trigger out automatically.

You can also decide how long you need to keep your messages in the device or iCloud. The following process is as follows. Go to the settings, and click the messages and select the keep messages.  From that select 30 days, 1 month, 6 months, year or else forever. Once you choose the time period, after it is finish, the messages will be deleted automatically.

Features of iMessage Apk

iMessages also lets you save your data. When you start sharing memes, you might think that this is eating my data, a solution is there. The solution is you can switch onto low quality image mode setting. Some might think what this low quality image mode setting is. That is a whole new thing which reduces the photo size to lessen the data which is transferred through the internet.

The readers might get a question like this, when the image is resized, will the original beauty of the photo lose? Absolutely, they might be a slight change. So to avoid this, when you are transferring important images, keep in mind to switch off the low quality image mode setting.

While you learn all these sorts of tricks, there is another thing which is very important to you. What do you think that would be? Think for a moment about something annoying. That is the people you need to block. Therefore, in iMessages you have the ability to block the people nicely.  For that you have to go to the settings and messages, and click on the block. Once you block a relevant person, the person cannot take calls or facetime.

What about sharing the location? Yes, you have that facility as well. Meanwhile, you are texting, you can share your location. So isn’t is amazing! When you are in groups, reading a whole lot of messages will be a disturbance. But with the iMessages you can read the message and still let others know that you have not read the message. That is done by turning off the read receipts.

Some more details about iMessage Apk

In summary, the other small features are you can filter the messages from the unknown senders, send bold text in iMessages, and hide memoji stickers permanently andalso set animojis as the display picture. At the same time you can activate do not disturb for the people and the groups. In addition to that, you can choose whether whom you want to show your contact photo. If you feel you are unsecure, you can switch the settings.

No any amount is charged for all of the above purposes. All are free. You will get a whole lot of amazing features once it is updated. This also helps you to have close contacts with your loved one would ever ignore to use this.  Last but not the least, take the maximum utilization of iMessages.

Privacy is highly guaranteed. And no such cases were reported so far. So we hope you got a better understanding about iMessenger through this article. Cheers! Use iMessages and discover the super features of the app. Enjoy!


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