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InstaAero Apk

InstaAero Apk; the app we’ve being waiting for.

Yeah! It is something about Instagram. We know that you are very keen on Instagram. What is this InstaAero Apk 2020?  As soon as anyone hears the name ‘’InstaAero’’, everyone knows it is something smart. Who else is not smart or posh on Instagram? Welcome to the world of InstaAero. Here you can download any images or videos you like. It is really awesome. So now you do not have to screenshot a particular image or video.

Well C’mon! Let’s get into this. We know everybody needs to become like Instagram stars. Who do not like? Day by day the Instagram accounts are being made. So as we follow a particular person, anyone would like to follow them in their lives too. Some of them might keep screenshots of them, or else share through Facebook, WhatsApp. Now that period is totally over. You can have a very simple app called InstaAero Apk where everything you see goes to you gallery.

Now, you might be thinking what are the extra features of this InstaAero Apk? Stop thinking! We are here to tell you everything we know about the InstaAero apk. Just continue reading, then you will grasp a lot. Even on Instagram Mod you will not get these features. Either you will not get those on Xposed Modules like the XInsta.

The most vital feature this InstaAero Apk 2020 possesses is that the user does not have to root the device or else install the Xposed framework in order to use this app. keep in mind that this InstaAero Apk, which supports the Android devices, origins with the roots of the Official Instagram.

What is InstaAero Apk?

The InstaAero Apk is re-modified version of Official InstaULTRA by Sommer Damous (Soula Mods). Soula Mods is one of the most popular websites for providing Instagram Mods and WhatsApp with a number of features. And who do you think the developer of InstaAero is? It is Bozkurt Hazar. He is well known for developing the Aero Apps. You might also have heard about the WhatsApp Aero Edition, which is especially for unique themes. That’s also a work of him.

A little bit of more information about the InstaAero apk 2020

Name                           InstaAero

Theme                         Dark/ Green/ Blue/ Red/ Pink/ Gold/ Tone/ Purple

Version                       9.0


Updated                      January 12, 2020

Developer                   Bozkurt Hazar

Size                               40 MB

Features of InstaAero

In the InstaAero Apk 2020 you can copy the text or comments from the app. at the same time you have the ability to translate, therefore you do not have to search the related text on the browser to get its meaning. So, other than that you can download the videos, photos and voice messages of the people you follow. Within the app you can check the updates of the InstaAero. On Insta you can only see the Profile picture in smaller version, but the InstaAero helps you to zoom the profile picture. This eases you to identify the person carefully.

Up to now that was a common problem the people had on the Official Instagram. Because most of the people on Insta use nicknames. So, when one goes to identify them through their profile picture, that too is very difficult due to the small size of the photo. Some might even follow or text the wrong person due to the lack of visibility. Anyhow, now you are hurdled from that issue. So the problem is already solved from the InstaAero Apk. You can zoom it as much as you get a clear vision. Thanks to the developer who gave us ample features we never ever wondered.

The themes available are Dark, red, blue, green, yellow and gold. The Beta Update can bring you theme features. So, there you have the ability to download the themes from different kinds of resources that are made for the AeroInsta. What do you think the other smart feature would be? That is you can customize the following; profile screen, notification screen, home screen, comment screen, main/chat screen and the conversation screen.

Features of InstaAero Apk 2020

The hide view status helps one to hide their name while seeing their status. And also, you can add any comment from the Home screen. There is also an option where you can watch a video at star with the sound or without the sound. It depends upon you. You can share or copy the URL of the Image or video. After you do all these things, you must have a certain kind or privacy. So, to confirm on this there is a special Fingerprint procedure or lock screen.

What kind of impression do you have upon the advertisement? We know they are simply boring and somewhat disturbing. Still we are improving to block the ads. As soon as we get this completed we will get to aware you. You can also hide the typing status as well. When you want to open the settings to do a slight change, you can long press the home icon.  These are the features of the InstaAero.

There a new feature in here where you can save you data. You can adjust your settings to auto play the videos or not to auto play the videos.  At the same time you can rewind your videos. This is a very joyful app, because all the things that you were not able to do so far can be done simply and quickly. After you read this article completely we are sure you will definitely install the InstaAero Apk 2020.

We are pretty sure you have read all these features to the point, and now you need to know how to install this InstaAero. Let us see how to do it.

How to install the InstaAero Apk 2020 on your Android Device.

  • First you have to download the InstaAero Apk from the Website.
  • Then, ago for the settings to enable the unknown settings from the Security.
  • Go to the file manager or download manger where the file is being stored and click on it.
  • Then click on the install button.
  • You will have to wait for a few seconds to get this app installed.
  • Then automatically the app will be scanned.
  • Then click the Open button to launch for it.
  • After that click the login button.
  • Now here you can create a new account or login with your Facebook login.


This is the method to install the InstaAero Apk 2020. This app is fitted for people who love to use dark themes. Thanks to the developer who made this a smart app fulfilled our wishes. Each and every feature works well with this app.

Still there are some problems with the intention of the people based on this. We will clarify you as follows. Some might ask whether this InstaAero Apk 2020 is safe or not. Absolutely the InstaAero app is safe and secure. Because the app has a modified version of the same server which is used by the official Instagram. The other thing you have to know about this, that the InstaAero Apk is not available on iOS devices. It is only working on the android devices. But the developers are working to make this work on iOS as well.


Fortunately, this InstaAero apk is much better than the Official Instagram, because it gives you more and more features when compare to the Official Instagram. The most important thing about this app is that you can’t use both the apps together. That means if you use the Official Instagram you cannot use the InstaAero, and if you use the InstaAero Apk you cannot use the Official Instagram.

Normally, when people start searching about a relevant app, they search whether the app consists of virus or not. So, in the InstaAero Apk you are completely free form viruses or any kind of malware. Therefore you do not have to worry about that issue.

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