Latest updates about HongMeng OS

Latest updates about HongMeng OS

We already know that Google has banned Huawei from their android Operating system. They have already claimed about making their own Operating System about Hongmeng in China and internationally it is going to be called “ArkOS”. However, Huawei has stepped out to be a great Operating System. They say it is faster than Android. This device is going to be the first device with its own Operating System, therefore it will have a paramount place on mobile phone industry.

The CEO “Ren Zhengfei” has explained Hongmeng is not just an Operating System for smart phones. It can be used on routers, network switches, tablets, computers and data centres.

Huawei has being blacklisted from working with US companies including Google, because the current security concerns. This even had a massive effect in UK. It was cut from the 5G launch liner and cancelled the laptop launch due to inability for supply. So it is becoming a leading question that how can Huawei compete in this market without working with Google- the company that owns Android.

You are pretty safe with upcoming Huawei new OS! HongMeng

It all starts in a village in China 2012 where behind closed doors, it was a top secret meeting with a group of high level Huawei executives. They decided that a new proprietary Operating System should be built. Presumably, the company was growing rapidly at a time and they could not let their entire fate rest just on Android shoulders. Within few months they created a specialized zone inside the company to work on this project, in termly known as “ArkOs”, completely a top secret at the time. They even had guards on duty, protecting the doors, and any worker was not allowed to use their personal mobile phones. This was much confidential and might well be about coming handy. It has not released yet, this Operating System is now a real thing.

It is going to be called “Hongmeng OS” in China and apparently “Huawei Oak OS” in other regions. The most interesting part in this is that it could be 60% faster than Android. Although the ban came into action suddenly, they have being working on this project for many years, and it is still more ready. It is clear that the fact that this is their top priorities. The Huawei CEO “Ren Zhengfei” has announced that it will be available as earlier as fall this year and also they might launch “Mate 30Pro”

Huawei sells millions of phones, and the developers don not want to miss the market because Hongmeng can run Android application. Nothing is to be recoated, they just want to gather applications and upload into Huawei.

What are the devices that HongMeng can be used on?

What is potentially more interesting is that apparently “Xiaomi”, “Vivo”, “Oppo”are also testing Hongmeng OS on their phones, may be they also want to diversify the same way that Huawei did.

So, if these companies also choose to use Hongmeng, over half of the world could shift to this Operating System. But here is the complication, Google does not want this to happen, and Google does not want Huawei to have its own Operating System. Moreover Google does not want Huawei to have its own Store, because this creates fragmentation.

Wrapping Up…

As this stands apart from iOS, Google has complete monopoly on smart phones, pretty much everything runs on Android and Google makes money from it. They make money from the Play Store, and makes money every time when someone subscribes to Google Play Music and also makes money from Google Map. So, right now Google is trying to convince the US government, instead of actually saving from security risk by banning Huawei. Their logic is that if Huawei starts pumping out devices with a complete new Operating system, then these phones will be vulnerable to malware, they won’t have Google protection in them.

For example, let’s say you are in United States and you own a Samsung phone, you send a message to someone in United Kingdom who is a with a Huawei phone infected with malware. In that scenario, there is a pretty good chance that your message can be read by any malware on that device, even without using the Huawei yourself, the security of the whole mobile phone system would be at risk.

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