The leading International smartphone company, Huawei requests trademark for their OS in internationally

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The leading International smartphone company, Huawei requests trademark for their OS in internationally

Since the recent banning of Android from Huawei devices, the company has been very busy with building their own operating system. And within a very short time, they have been able to ship a million of smartphones with their new Huawei OS for testing. They are now working hard towards trademarking their OS worldwide.

The ‘World Intellectual Property Organization’ (WIPO) reports say that the latest request for patent has been for HongMeng OS. The request has been made upon to trademark the name in a wide list of countries. The list includes countries like Australia, Canada, countries in the European Union, India and a few other Asian countries.

The Chinese phone giants have been developing their own system even before the US banning. Hence, they had to fast forward their process and get in line with the upcoming obstacles.

This operating system trademark has been already approved by the ‘Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration’ (CNIPA) in May 2019. The descriptions say that it would not be limited to smartphones but will have a wide range. Devices like tablets and PCs will also be equipped with it.


It will not be easy:

Out of all these, the most challenging task will be having the compatibility with the most popular apps. There have been reports stating that they will be able to contract with Aptiode which is said to be a Google play replacement with a very large app portfolio.

The company itself owns an app gallery. But the key task will be to add more apps to the existing list. Specially ones that are in the top rated. The social media apps are a top-notch requirement. But considering the Chinese regulations regarding the use of social media, and the fact that most of them are owned by US companies, there is a risk. Anyway, there will be the availability to HongMeng OS download the apps once it is released.

However, knowing that they are not a company to give-up, it is very exciting to see what they will have. The company says that they will be equipped with more sophisticated and better products. And that they will be facing the competition smoothly and strongly.


They are in their best phases:

The latest blow on the company has not affected the company much but only a delay has occurred. Their plans to become the world best smartphone sellers in the year 2019, was shifted to the year 2020. They are currently in the second place in the most sold smartphone brand list.

With the emerging obstacles as well as the never-ending competition they will have to give a good fight to survive. But as said above, they are simply not a company willing to give up. The moment they were banned from the existing OS, they start testing their own one. The company claims that they are having a best time, though most of them are expecting see them in a bad phase.

No matter what Donald Trump plans on putting Huawei through with all his legislatures sent worldwide, one thing is for certain. It will definitely take more than a little effort to bring them out. And whatever is done they will probably stand up again soon.

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