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Thunder TV APK; the app which lightens your life

Thunder TV Apk.Movie Lover? Yes or No! We hope that it will be an absolutely ‘’YES’’. Are you a fan of USA, Spain and Canada movies? If it is ‘’yes’’, this is tailor-made just for you. And if it is ‘’No’’, watch one from them, we are sure you will be addicted. So, the app which you can watch all these is the ‘’Thunder App’’.

Thunder TV Apk is totally made for the people who are interested in watching the above categories. Normally, the channels in Spain, USA and Canada are expensive. But, in Thunder App Apk, you will find them for cheap rates. Although you are a fan of the above movies and still you are not affordable to watch those channels, you can download the Thunder App watch it for a cheap rate.

There is a huge stock of movies available in the Thunder App Apk. As mentioned before, this particular app displays movies from Spain, USA, UK and Canada is an IPTV that allows to watch live channels. It also includes premium channels as well. There are also 2500 TV channels in HD quality. In addition to that the Thunder TV apk has offered customer support 24/7.Thunder TV is a trustworthy app where you are free from malware and virus.

Some more details about the Thunder App

App name                                       Thunder TV

Full Size                                           96.2 MB

Category                                          Entertainment

App version                                    V 1.0.7

Android Version                              5.0 or above

How to install Thunder TV Apk on Android

Now we are going to tell you the steps on how to download and install the Thunder TV Apk.

  • First of all go to settings and enable unknown sources. You have to do this as this is from a third party.
  • When it is done, go to the downloads and find the Thunder TV Apk.
  • After that tap on the Thunder TV app and grant for the permission it ask.
  • Click install.
  • When the installation process is finished, launch to the app and experience the best from it. 

Features of Thunder App Apk

The Thunder app offers you lot of features. Now we are going to tell you the major features of the Thunder Apk App.

As we said before, this is the best app to watch the movies from USA, UK, Britain and Spain. The other important thing that we have to say is that, this is not a free app. you will have to pay a reasonable amount of money in order to buy this. But when compared to the price of the channels when taken directly, this is relatively less. So you can enjoy this app with a low rate of the amount. Anyhow the app is in an affordable price.

There are many movies in this app, where you will never get bored from watching the movies. If we estimate there will be around 2500 channels.  If you are always watching only HD movies, this is the perfect app for watching them. All the content available in the Thunder TV Apk is on HD quality. In addition to that the Electronic Program Guide is provided…

This app is compatible and can be used on Android Smartphones, web browsers, Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield and Smart TV. You do not have to struggle with the subtitles. All the subtitles are given. For each and every movie there are subtitles. You can pay for this app monthly and accepts PayPal. And also Thunder TV Apk accepts the bitcoin payment.

So when it comes to the 12 hour free trail, you will be benefited more. There consists of a 2800 live HD streaming channels with 2 connections. A subscription package is available in all the features of the Thunder TV and Spanish channels are available. 

How to register for the Thunder TV IPTV

  • To begin with, you have to go to the official Thunder TV Website and choose one package.
  • Then click on the preferred package.
  • Click on the Continue and add extra connections you want.
  • After that, enter the personal information and for the registration.
  • You have to double-check the information is correct or not and click the Checkout.
  • Input the payment credentials and click on the complete order. With that the registration is over.

Thunder TV Packages

So far , we have discussed the features and installation process of Thunder TV App. to sum up, now we are going to tell you about the packages which you can purchase from Thunder TV.

USA Lite

This is a package strictly for the USA users. There are about 500 channels, which include; US news, US entertainment, US Sports and many more. The USA lite package will cost $8 per month for 4 connections and $5 per month for 2 connections.

USA Package

In here there are some more, than the USA Lite package. This includes almost all the channels of USA. For example channels like; PPV, Adult Channels, Major sports packages and local news. Here the cost is as follows. $12 per month for 4 connections and $7 per month for 2 connections.

Spanish and USA Package

This package includes everything in the USA package with Spanish Options; 200 Spanish channels, Adult channels, Argentina Channels and Mexico channels. The cost of this package is $18 per month for 4 connections and $10 per month for 2 connections.

USA, UK and Canada Package

This package consists of all the channels available in USA and includes UK, USA and Canada as well. Over 1000 channels are provided with PV, Sports packages, Local and more. This package will cost as same as the Spanish and USA package like, $18 per month for 4 connections and $10 PER month for 2 connections.

The 4 Pack

This pack includes channels for UK, USA, Canada and Latino packages. Also it includes the Local channels, PPV and many more. The users have the option to buy the adult channel with the subscription. Here the 4 pack costs $15 per month for the 2 connections.

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