Xiaomi PC Suite | Download (All Versions) Reviews

Xiaomi PC Suite

Xiaomi PC Suite | Download (All Versions)

So what’s new about Xiaomi? The Xiaomi Mi PC Suite is being developed for the Xiaomi smartphones to backup and recover data, manage files, continue the super flash and many more activities. If the driver installation gets failed for Redmi or Xiaomi, you can download the Mi PC suite on the PC, it resolves the errors. The specific program runs through the support of the Windows API and it will support the Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones incredibly.

At the same time, you are also able to download the latest English version for free of charge. Important files, sync data and transfer to the Personal Computer with the Xiaomi PC Suite are at a very fast rate. Above all, there is an important advantage where you can screencast the mobile phone features by using the Windows PC.

English Version of the Xiaomi PC Suite

Well, here you can restore and backup the photos, videos, music, phone contacts and all other necessary files that are stored in the device storage with the recent version. The official English version of the Xiaomi PC Suite is available to download and make the task very easy. This specific software can cast the connected tablet device or smartphone on the computer screen. So, while you are carrying on your process, you are able to take down screenshots of each and every window. Meanwhile, internet sharing options are also granted. Without rooting, you can share the internet connection of your PC. The Mi computer suite UI is capable of updating your Xiaomi device.

And also this is the most ideal app to unbrick the Redmi and Xiaomi smart objects without any hesitation. What more can this Xiaomi PC suite can do? The Xiaomi PC Suite cantransfer any of the items to a smart device or PC.

Let’s us see some more about the Xiaomi PC Suite

Now as you keep reading this article,’’ the Xiaomi PC Suite’’, this will definitely become more interesting. The official English version of this app is released for the easy comprehension of all the end users. Here you are able to pick up the recent updates of the desired suite software. There are 3 kinds of launches with the latest Mi PC Suite to Recover, backup and to recovery flash and update flash. The tool itself is able to install the updated version of the device USB driver software. The latest features added to the new UI under the ‘’My Device’’ tab are managing apps, videos, gallery, contacts, music, notes and accessing the file explorer. Other than that, you can also check the ongoing process by using a just one click. This new version is 100% virus-free guaranteed.

Highlighted features of the Xiaomi PC Suite

The Xiaomi PC Suite has an amazing backup and restore support for all the types of data like the phone contacts, photos, messages and all the data. You can also easily install and uninstall apps from this.  All the functions can be operated through your PC.

You can also sync your smartphone to Windows and manage all of the files from the Desktop. The media is already managed properly. The app supports file management with the files explorer feature to organize, arrange and do many other tasks. The PC can be screen handled from the screencasting feature as well. It also gives the chance to file transfer at a very high speed.

A huge support is given by the device’s firmware downgrade and upgrade to the required possible Xiaomi Operating system. Flashing updates are also allowed by the Xiaomi Smartphone. By the way, it supports to restore your soft-bricked Xiaomi smartphone and turn back to the working state and some more other tasks as well.

Compatible devices with the Xiaomi PC Suite

  • Xiaomi 2/2S/2
  • Xiaomi 3/4/4i/Note/Pad
  • Redmi 1/1S/Note/2
  • Xiaomi 1/1S
  • Mi 6/6 Plus/6X
  • Xiaomi Mi 3/4/4i/5/5c
  • Xiaomi Mi Max/Max 2
  • Mi 8/Mi 8 SE
  • Mix 2/Mix 2S
  • Mi Note 2/3
  • Redmi 2/2A/2 Prime
  • Redmi Note 2/3/4
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 2/3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5/5 plus/5A/6
  • Redmi 3/3S Prime/4/4A/4X
  • Redmi Y1/Y1 Lite Y2

How to download the Xiaomi PC Suite

Now here we will give you all the steps to download the software properly. So do not miss any chance.  The installation process is very simple, you just have to do it with a very few clicks. The relevant software is inbuilt with the latest drivers that are compatible with the Redmi and Xiaomi devices. Therefore, if it is not comfortable to download, first install the application to connect to the smartphone and connect to the PC by using a good USB data cable.

  • First of all download and install the software on your PC.
  • When the installation is done, you have to connect the device. And the Xiaomi computer suite will automatically install the required driver and easily make the connection with you device.
  • After that launch to the application where you will be able to find backup, management, and the ROM flashing option and restore the main interface where you can easily go with the screen directions.

The developers have added the English version support which is entitled as the latest version called v3.2.1.3111.  And also for the users who have used the previous version can update to this new version. So, a number of issues are fixed here. At the same time, you can also share the internet connection with Mi devices without rooting your device. The new version supports the linked option to send feedback and report the bugs.

You can create a Mi- account to install through the Xiaomi database.  Three more options are added take screenshots, screencast and to refresh the device. The Xiaomi PC Suite is the best solution for the Xiaomi smartphone management. This has many useful features and help to have a good management client through the desktop. It also has a good interface which makes to do your tasks very easily.


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